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What have you done lately…to go paperless?

August 24, 2010

Go green!

You can save a tree and save money!   It’s true. Eliminate paper and you’ll improve the bottom line. It’s also true that if a vendor says they’ll get rid of every scrap of paper in your office you should run the other way!!! “Document nirvana” aside, there are many things your organization can do right now to cut costs, manage compliance and improve access to critical information by eliminating paper from each process.

This is a comment from one of our customers, “How did we ever do business without the ability to retrieve at the stroke of the keyboard every record in our operation instantly without worrying about looking through file cabinets and charts that were outgrowing the space we had in our office? And we had a great filing system compared to other medical operations!”

Document management has been around for years but often people think of it as just scanning checks or old paper archives. In fact, many folks implement a new system but continue to do everything else exactly the same as before. The only difference is that documents are now located inside electronic file folders instead of traditional ones.   While that makes it a bit easier to find something, a true document management system is capable of so much more in the drive to become paperless.

Another comment after going paperless, “The purchase of their system has allowed us to no longer store the voluminous amounts of paper that is indigenous to a medical practice. We estimate that the use of the system has allowed us to store and instantly retrieve in excess of 1.5 million page equivalents. In the past, we needed 1 full time FTE plus ~1000 sq. ft. of filing/storage space plus the necessary supplies to create tens of thousands of file charts, etc. Additionally, there were immeasurable man-hours in pulling charts/files, looking through them for the applicable data and then copying the information needed. Today, we are able to administer our entire system with 0.20 FTE, no significant material costs, and instantaneous retrieval from every work station in our office. Additional hard disk space was one of our few other costs. We still have a number of lateral files that we would be happy to sell at fire sale prices!”  Jeffrey Grossman, KG Health Partners

More on going paperless…follow this link:

iDentifi eSign – Advancing the Paperless Office

Let us know what you are doing to save money, save trees and go paperless?! Post your comments below.


One of the principal architects behind Integra’s new eSign 3.0

June 25, 2010
Duane at work
Duane at work

Duane Ryder is a talented software developer who works on the Integra product development team.   While he’s worked on many projects over the last six years, his most recent work has been on the release of iDentifi.eSign 3.0.  This groundbreaking new version was launched in late 2009 and has been very successful in both small and large scale applications.  eSign 3.0 was recently deployed as a paperless tax filing solution with Jackson Hewitt running on over 6,000 stations!  The iDentifi.eSign product has already been used to successfully sign over 14 million documents.  “I was honored to be part of the Jackson Hewitt project at Integra.  Being able to deliver this product to their enormous client base in such a tight timeframe is a real testament to the team’s dedication to quality.”

When he’s not building innovative eSign solutions, Duane enjoys working on various DIY projects, motorcycling or bicycling.  Duane is an avid cyclist and has ridden as part of the iDentifi team to help fight multiple sclerosis in the MS 150 Citrus Tour, as well as local charity rides. He also enjoys woodworking in his basement workshop, where he’s built several high quality furniture pieces for his friends and family.

Duane, far right, rode 150 miles for bikeMS with Team iDentifi in 2007, 2008 and 2009 across Central Florida.  Team iDentifi was formed by Integra Business Systems, Inc. to raise funds and awareness for a cure to Multiple Sclerosis.  Duane is planning to ride bikeMS in Raleigh, NC this year.

Duane lives near Raleigh, NC with his wife Shelly, their two Boston Terriers, EZ and Mandy, and their rescue cat Abby.

Advancing the Paperless Office

June 15, 2010

I want to share a recent presentation I did at the COCC User Conference about advancing the paperless office.  Of course we all know there’s no such thing as the paperless office.  The real message to gain from my presentation is that we are dealing with more and more information, much of it content driven by social networking, mobile devices and Web 2.0.  We now own anytime – anywhere customers.  ECM can help manage the information tsunami that already exists today and will increase by a factor of 67 through 2020.  To enjoy the videos PAUSE the presentation and PLAY the embedded videos.  Enjoy!  

Select the link below:

Advancing the Paperless Office (use the Pause button to run videos)

COCC User Conference

June 14, 2010

This is my first “blog”.  Why not start a blog after a presentation I made on Advancing the Paperless Office in which I make a case for Social Media.   Practice what you preach?

Link to presentation: 

Advancing the Paperless Office (use the Pause button to run videos)

I really enjoyed meeting for the very first time many of the folks at COCC and their customers of whom  I hope many will become customers of Integra and users of iDentifi.  I’m looking forward to many new and fruitful relationships.

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